Shopper's Currency Converter

Customized Shopper's Currency Converter™

Add the Shopper's Currency Converter to your site to convert directly on your web page. You can even pre-select currencies or amounts!

We have developed a new version of our XE Currency Converter® that can be "embedded" directly into your shopping website. Here's one below — try it out:

As you can see, it allows you to perform currency conversions without leaving this page.

Unfortunately, only Microsoft Internet Explorer currently allows embedded frames. To support Netscape users, we provide the ability to launch the Shopper's Currency Converter™ in an independent floating window.

Instructions for customization can be found below.

Before proceeding on the the customization below, you must read and accept the terms of use. extends to you or your organization the right to generate a customized version of the converter as a part of your Web resource provided that all of the following conditions are met.

  • Your resource may not give the impression that any entity other than is responsible for the functionality of the resource. You may take credit for the design of your interface, but not for the functionality provided by our services.

  • You may, if you wish, simplify your input page or result page by reducing the number of available currencies. You may further simplify your input page by "hard coding" values and settings into hidden variables in your input page form.

  • You are not required to provide a link to the Converter master site; however, if you do so, it must be done in the following format:

      <A HREF="">The XE Currency Converter Services</A>

  • If you desire, you are permitted to incorporate our spinning currency logo into your interface by directly referencing it at our site, but not by copying it to yours. However, if you do so, it must be done in the following format:

      <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=45 HEIGHT=45 BORDER=0 ALT="UCC"></A>

    WARNING: No other use of the spinning currency logo is permitted. It is copyrighted intellectual property and a trade mark of You are not permitted to duplicate it, distribute it, or alter it in any way. To protect our rights and identity, we must aggressively pursue legal action against violators of our internationally protected intellectual property rights.
  • If you use the phrase "XE Currency Converter" in your interface, and if the phrase is not part of a hyperlink to the master Converter site, then you must attach a trade mark symbol hyperlink to each instance in the following format:

      <A HREF="">&#153;</A>
  • You agree to hold harmless from any action brought against you by a third party as the result of the contents of your Web pages, including a Converter input page adhering to these restrictions. You acknowledge that is not — and can not be — responsible for content that you deploy on your site.

  • You agree to use your best efforts to ensure that your input page interfaces with the converter pursuant to specified methods, that your interface works, and that appropriate upgrades and additions to the Converter are reflected in your page. Specifically, but not exclusively, you agree to add or remove currencies as instructed by personnel as our currency feed changes and grows.

  • You understand, acknowledge, and agree to the following: is not a financial institution, not affiliated with any financial institution, and not a rate feed provider. We do not distribute currency rates for a fee. Our rates are derived from a variety of publicly available sources, and we reserve the right to change our sources at any time without notice. Although we strive to ensure our figures are correct, we can make no guarantees as to their accuracy or suitability for any purpose. While effort is taken to ensure their accuracy, errors can from time to time appear. Currency rates specified by financial institutions will differ from ours, sometimes significantly. In addition, currency rates will vary by geographical market. The end user assumes all risk for the use of any information provided by our services.

  • You understand and acknowledge that cannot support a free service whose primary components are off of our server and outside of our control. This customization process is currently used by thousands of sites, so any problems you experience are at your end. Again, we regret that we cannot support your development efforts. If you need assistance, do not contact our staff.

  • You acknowledge that you have read and that you understand the legal information pertaining to these services located at:

  • You complete the following form in its entirety. All sections must be completed. In addition, you must fully complete one for each customized interface that you create.

You MUST fill out this form. It should take less than two minutes of your time. Besides being a requirement for customization, it will help us keep you up to date with important additions and enhancements to the converter, such as the addition of new currencies.
* The full, precise URL Web address of your customized interface to the Converter
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By pressing the button below, you are stating your agreement and intent, on behalf of the entity responsible for this resource, to comply with the Terms of Use, and that you have the authority to do so.

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Use of this service is subject to the Terms of Usage Agreement.

The new service is much easier to customize than the old one, primarily because our computers do all of the work, serving up both the input and the output pages. All you have to do is code your page to call the service properly.

To implement this new service on your Website, there are two code blocks you will need to insert in your page. Just copy the code in the windows below and paste into your Web page as directly.

  • Javascript code to be placed between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags in your web page:

    IFRAME code (and pop-up reference for Netscape users) to be placed between the <BODY> </BODY> tags in your web page of your page where you want the embedded converter to appear:

    That's it!

Automatically Filling In the Amount and Currencies

This section is intended for Webmasters with an advanced understanding of HTML who wish to further integrate the Shopper's Currency Converter™ into their site.

In many situations, it is desirable to automatically fill in the amount and/or currencies in the Shopper's Currency Converter™. This makes it faster and easier for customers to use, and cuts down on input errors.

For example, the webmaster of a U.S. website might want to automatically pass a "From" currency of U.S. Dollars, since that is the sale currency of their goods. Additionally, that same webmaster might want to also automatically pass the Amount field so that it shows a single price or the total of a shopping basket.

These instructions should be pretty straightforward to people familiar with HTML and forms. If you need assistance, please do not contact our staff. We cannot possibly support a free service whose primary components are off of our server and outside of our control. This customization process has been tested and works perfectly, so any problems you experience are at your end. Again, we regret that we cannot support your development efforts.

Actual Examples of Automatically Passed Variables

Here are some examples of these features in action.

  • Below is an example where the "From" currency has automatically been passed U.S. Dollars. The Amount box and "To" currency dropdown are unaffected.

  • Below is an example where the Amount has automatically been passed 50.00 and the "From" currency has been been passed U.S. Dollars. The "To" currency dropdown is unaffected. (Remember, you can pass any amount you wish.)

  • Here is an example where all fields have been automatically passed. Below is an example where the Amount has been passed 50.00, the "From" currency has been passed U.S. Dollars, and the "To" currency has been passed Canadian Dollars. All the user can do in this case is click the "convert" button.

How To Do It: Passing the Amount and/or Currencies

Passing the fields is actually very easy to do. Unfortunately, it is also easy to mess up your version of the converter in the process. Remember, if things get too messed up, just start over with a fresh copy of the HTML. (Which you can get in the fast-track instructions section of this page.

Building a Query String

To pass the fields, all you need to do is add a query string to the <IFRAME> section where you call the converter. Here are examples of how to build query strings:

  • Passing the Amount field (remember, you can pass any amount you wish):

    • Amount=500.00

  • Passing the "From" currency:

    • From=USD

  • Passing the "To" currency:

    • To=CAD

  • Passing the Amount field and the "From" currency:

    • Amount=500.00&From=USD

  • Passing the Amount field, the "From" currency, and the "To" currency:

    • Amount=500.00&From=USD&To=CAD

As you can probably deduce from the above examples, here are the guidelines for building a query string:

  • If you are passing more than one variable, you must separate each variable with an ampersand: &

  • The Amount field can be any number you wish.

  • The From currency and To currency can be any currencies you wish, but must be specified using their three-letter currency code. To find out the three-letter currency code for any desired currencies, just refer to the XE Currency Converter ®.

Once you have a query string, you must encode it into the converter.

Encoding Your Query String into the Converter

Once you have built your query string using the techniques outlined above, you must encode it into your converter. This is very easy to do.

You will have to insert your query string into three places in the <IFRAME> HTML. Below is an example showing proper insertion of a query string, which is highlighted in red.:



<TABLE WIDTH=550 CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0 BORDER=0 BGCOLOR=#F0C090><TR><TD><TABLE WIDTH=100% CELLSPACING=1 CELLPADDING=0 BORDER=1><TR><TD WIDTH=15% BGCOLOR=#000000 ALIGN=CENTER VALIGN=MIDDLE ALIGN=CENTER><A HREF="javascript:CurrencyPopup ('Amount=50.00&From=USD')"><IMG SRC="" HEIGHT=45 WIDTH=45 BORDER=0 ALT="UCC" ALIGN=TEXTTOP></A></TD><TD bgcolor=#FFFFC0 VALIGN=MIDDLE><TABLE CELLPADDING=3 CELLSPACING=0 BORDER=0>< TR><TD VALIGN=MIDDLE>   </TD><TD>< FONT COLOR=#000000 face="Arial,Helvetica"><FONT SIZE=+1>< b>Shopper's Currency Converter</B>&#153; </FONT>< FONT SIZE=-1>by<BR><B>Your browser does not support embedded frames. <A HREF="javascript:CurrencyPopup(' Amount=50.00&From=USD')">Click here</A> to pop open a floating Shopper's Currency Converter&#153; window.</B></FONT>< /FONT> </TD></TR></TABLE> </TD></TR>< /TABLE> </TD></TR></TABLE>


NOTE: Do NOT change the Javascript code in the <HEAD> section of your page. Only make the changes to the <IFRAME> section explicitly indicated above.

In essence, you must insert your query string in the following three places in the <IFRAME;> wrapper:

  • Between the ampersand (&) and the double quote character where it says: Template=se&"

  • Between the single quotes of the first instance of: javascript:CurrencyPopup('')

  • Between the single quotes of the second instance of: javascript:CurrencyPopup('')

That's it. Remember, again, the only changes you have to make are in the <IFRAME> section that you inserted during the Fast-Track Instructions. Although you will need to preserve the Javascript section in your Page's <HEAD> section, you will not need to change it.

That's it! That's all there is to it.