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We partner with Sikhona Money Transfer to deliver South African Rand (ZAR) as quickly as possible. 

Recipients need to complete South African Reserve Bank reporting requirements before they can receive ZAR from abroad. 

The recipient will be contacted by Sikhona, who operate locally in South Africa, to complete this process. 

Recipients will only need to complete this identity check once. 

You’ll receive a notification reminding you to let your recipient know they’ll be asked to supply these details before you complete your money transfer on our website or via the app. 

How recipients complete the South African Reserve Bank check

We know you want to get your money moving as quickly as possible. Completing the regulatory checks is simple and won’t take long. 

The recipient will be contacted by Sikhona via email and will need to click on the Get Your Money button in that email.

Sikhona Screenshot

They’ll be asked if they’ve received money from Xe before and if they have a South African mobile number. 

Don’t worry if the recipient doesn’t have a South African mobile number, they can still complete the checks and will just be taken via a different route. 

They’ll be asked for some personal details and to supply a picture of their passport photo page as well as a selfie alongside it. 

Your recipient will receive further communication from Sikhona once the check has been completed. 

Do I need to complete the check if I'm sending money to myself?

All recipients will need to complete South African Reserve Bank reporting requirements before they can receive ZAR from abroad. 

If you’re sending money to yourself, the same rule applies, and you’ll be contacted by Sikohna Money Transfer to complete this check. 

You’ll only need to complete this check once.  

Where can I send from?  

You can send money from any of our supported locations, as long as it is from a bank account in your name and matches your business purpose.  

For example, If you hold a personal Xe account, you should only book personal transfers on here.

The funds must be settled from your personal bank account which is in the same name as your account with us. 

The same applies to business transfers.

How long will it take?  

It takes between 0 - 3 days for your money to reach Xe, depending on how you pay for your transfer.  Once we receive your funds we make payment to your recipient. 

From this point, it usually takes 1 - 4 working days for the funds to arrive. This can vary depending on the recipients bank.

We will send you a notification at each stage of your transfer so you know where your funds are. 

How much can I send? 

There's no limit on how much money you can send with Xe.

For your security, we do have limits on how much you can send in a single transfer online. 

Please note: There are two things to bear in mind when sending ZAR to South Africa.

If you are sending money to yourself, and you don’t hold a South African passport, you won’t be able to send more than R5,000 per day or R25,000 per month by default. 

If you’re sending money to yourself or someone else who does hold a South African passport, the default daily limit is set at R75,000 and monthly transfers can be made up to the value of R100,000. 

Please be aware that your bank or card provider may have their own limits as well.

We are aware of an issue which currently prevents some of our Canadian customers paying via Bill Payment.

Unfortunately, you'll need to choose a different settlement method for now. To avoid delays, please refer to your contract note for our available settlement options.

We apologise for any inconvenience and we're working quickly to restore your full service.

We can only accept payments from an account in your name when using our website or our app.

However, we understand many people use joint accounts and require the need to send money from these. We can help with that.

To help protect you and your money, we need to be able to trace that the transfer has genuinely been made by you using your joint account.

Sometimes the money arrives in our system without both names on the account being visible, making it impossible for us to confirm where it has come from.

Don’t worry. In cases like this, we may just need to contact you to confirm everything is correct before we can send your money.

Let us know if you’ve any questions and our team will be happy to guide you through the process.

Forgotten your password?

Not a problem, this is a simple one to fix, just follow these steps:

  1. Head to the sign in page and click the forgot your password link.

  2. Enter the email address you use to log in to your Xe account and we’ll send you a code to verify your identity. 

  3. Go to your email inbox and check for an email from us with your code. If it’s not there, try refreshing your inbox or looking in your spam or junk folder. 

  4. Return to Xe and enter the code in the box as prompted to activate the password reset function.

  5. Create a new password and you’re all set.

We know that when you send us money for your transfer you’re keen to know we’ve got it. Don’t worry. We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve received the funds into our account, there’s no need to call us. 

You’ll be sent an email once we’ve got the money (don’t forget to check your junk folder in case it’s hidden in there) and app users will also receive a push notification if they’ve enabled them. 

What determines how quickly we receive your money?

The payment method you’ve used, the currency you are sending and where you’re sending it from will all determine how quickly we receive your money’. Debit and credit card payments are usually completed quickly. Bank transfers and other methods can take longer, but rest assured our systems are safe and secure and we’ll be in touch when the money has arrived.

We’d normally expect funds to take no longer than a day to reach us, so if you’ve still not received any confirmation beyond this point, check with your bank or card provider to see if there has been a delay in the process.

Xe, HiFX and Continental Exchange Solutions are all part of Euronet Worldwide. Euronet is a world-leading electronic transactions and payments business and gives us greater global reach to help provide you with a faster and safer money transfer service.

We sometimes use bank accounts named either HiFX or Continental Exchange Solutions for transfers. Your money is safe with all of Euronet’s portfolio of companies and this will not affect your money transfer.

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