XE Currency Data API - Overview

Real-time FX API exchange rates to help you do business.

Whether you’re an e-commerce merchant, developer, or multi-national, accessing currency rates is simple with XE Currency Data. You can save time by eliminating manual data entry and mitigate risk by preventing costly pricing and accounting errors. Plus, integrating the API into your existing software platform is easy. You can even access rates through your browser.

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XE Rate Blender

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 100+ Rate Sources

Foreign exchange is decentralized, so there’s no single market that dictates rates. Instead, there are global financial centers made up of governments, banks, and other institutions. XE gets rates from 100+ international sources to ensure that our currency data reflects accurate global rates.

 Accurate & Reliable

XE has developed a proprietary rate system called the XE Rate Blender. It continually monitors the quality of hundreds of rate contributors and the accuracy of their data. Any errors that are detected are filtered out and if any source fails, there are still 100+ other rate sources. This secures the delivery of currency rates each and every time.

 Simple Installation

The XE Currency Data API is accessed through a simple API request. You can access the data in one of three standard formats: JSON, CSV, and XML. We also include an easy- to-follow Specifications Document to get you started in minutes.

From USD $799/year

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Easily plugs-in

Tracking multi-currency transactions can be complicated. You can reduce the risk of error and save time by integrating the API into your current software. Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Sage, Deltek, and SAP are just some of the platforms that our clients use.

Multi-currency pricing

Expand your global customer base by displaying multi-currency pricing in your e-commerce platform. XE Currency Data can help remove barriers in the purchase cycle, cut sales funnel abandonment, optimize conversions, and improve sales.

Understand FX Rates

When you can measure the real cost of foreign exchange, you can make better-informed business decisions. With planning, you can mitigate FX risks, reduce costs by choosing competitive providers, and develop global strategies to increase profits.


The Microfinance Information eXchange (MIX)

"As one of the world’s leading sources of information about microfinance, MIX needs reliable exchange rates data for every currency imaginable. XE has been a highly reliable source and a wonderful partner for many years." - Peter, Executive Director

Incorporated in June 2002 as a not-for-profit private organization, The MIX (Microfinance Information eXchange) aims to promote information exchange in the microfinance industry. Microfinance seeks to meet the financial needs of those populations excluded from formal financial services, especially the poor. Through small loans, savings, access to payment facilities, insurance or other financial services, microfinance institutions (MFIs) help the poor reduce their vulnerability to external shocks, increase their incomes and build businesses.

Clear Books

"Clear Books helps small businesses save time and grow, by providing simple and easy to use online accounting software. Working with XE has helped our business achieve this goal as XE powers our multicurrency invoicing and banking. XE supports our software with over 150 real-time exchange rates for our multicurrency tool, helping our customers save time when dealing with multicurrency invoices. XE always provides a reliable service, and they're definitely a partner who we can't live without!" - Tom Smith, Clear Books


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